Decor Your Home with Wallpaper

Decor Your Home with Wallpaper

If you are distressed by your shabby walls, if you are bored by your plain and simple walls, if you are confused by the decoration of walls for your new home, consider using wallpaper to solve your problems.

Why use wallpaper?

Wallpaper has a huge range of benefits to the homeowner and the property itself, including:

  • Durable enough to last for over 15 years in some cases
  • Provides a consistent pattern across the entire wall
  • Comes in a selection of finishes and designs
  • Hides imperfections in the wall underneath's finish
  • Has a slight insulating effect on the wall

Interior design also has a proven effect on mental health and well-being, so integrating your wallpaper into your home design is an absolute must.

How to choose your wallpaper?

There are several things to consider when picking out your wallpaper, including:

1. Colour&Style

A. If you are an avid follower of nature, floral and botanical pattern wallpaper will be perfect for you.One design that is very stylish at any time is the floral&Botanical pattern, which is perfect for Provencal style interior decoration. However, it is important to remember that for wallpaper with bright and saturated prints, it is best to choose only one wall Or in spacious rooms with high ceilings, otherwise it will "compress" and risk getting bored quickly.


B. A new, original, bright, interesting and contrasting wall decoration style is patchwork. This patchwork wallpaper is full of Bohemian style, more colorful, with a variety of colors, prints and patterns of wallpaper to create a variety of designs.



C. Plain wallpaper are better for minimalists. We recommend using a smaller pattern or plain wallpaper in a small room because the smaller the pattern, the more spacious the room. Using plain wallpaper can effectively enlarge the space and make your room look bright and spacious.


2. Installation

Wallpaper in addition to the color and pattern are different, its paste is also different, generally divided into self-adhesive and non-self-adhesive. Self-adhesive wallpaper has a back glue, namely tear is sticky, very convenient. Non-self-adhesive wallpaper needs to be prepared in addition to the glue, if the wall is very uneven or have texture, if necessary, also need to prepare wallpaper liner (available in home improvement stores), non-self-adhesive wallpaper needs more professional installation, service life is relatively long than self-adhesive wallpaper.


3. Place

There are also roll wallpaper and piece wallpaper (tile sticker), for the room, bedroom, living room, corridor and other large area of the wall, suitable for roll wallpaper, and the kitchen and bathroom is recommended to install tile sticker. This is because the soot in the kitchen and the high humidity of bathroom will damage wallpaper , fading even fall off deformation, so kitchen and bathroom are suitable for anti-oil and waterproof tile sticker, just with paper towels to wipe when there are stains.

How Many Rolls Of Wallpaper Do I Need?

For wallpaper with patterns, the patterns need to be aligned when Posting, so there will be loss. We set the loss at 20%. If you buy a plain color style, the loss can be set at 10%. Please follow the rule that you would rather buy more than less.

Rolls=Wall area (ignoring doors and Windows)/single roll wallpaper area

For example:

Wall Height: 9feet

Wall Width: 20feet

Wallpaper size, 0.45m*3m(1.47feet*9.84feet).

step1: Wall area=9*20=180 square feet

step2:The Wallpaper required: 180/(1.47*9.84)≈12.4 rolls

step3:Plus 20% loss of the site, 12.4*1.2=14.88 rolls, that is, the total need for 15 rolls.

If you are pasting more than one wall, please use the sum of all the wall areas to calculate the rolls of wallpaper required. If the area of doors and windows is too large, can be calculated with the wall area minus the area of doors and Windows to avoid the wallpaper surplus too much.



1. Please make sure the wall is smooth, clean and dry before you stick the products on. It's best to wipe the wall clean before pasting the wallpaper.

2. Different batches of wallpaper may have color differences. It is recommended to calculate the required amount of wallpaper and purchase all at once.

3. If there is extra wallpaper because of the patterns aligned, you can decorate your locker, shoe cabinet and else furniture with offcuts so that your space is more unified.



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