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Yin And Yang Obsidian Orgone Pyramid

Yin And Yang Obsidian Orgone Pyramid

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Original Creative Design
Discover the perfect harmony of balance and energy with the Olivenorma Yin and Yang Obsidian Orgone Pyramid. This captivating pyramid showcases the contrasting black-and-white patterns of obsidian, representing the dual forces of yin and yang. Experience the protective and grounding properties of obsidian while enhancing the flow of positive energy in your surrounding

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Feeling down in the dumps a little too often? Even your favorite food and movie won’t cheer you up? This is where crystal energy healing can help. The Spiritual Expansion Orgone Pyramid reminds you to be grateful for the small things and encourages an optimistic attitude all day, every day.


Amethyst purges negativity from the mind, yet it also seems to ignite a spark that reveals our innermost sources of inspiration. We may access our creative mind and reveal all of those thoughts and interests that were hidden behind the wall of inner chaos when our mind is clear and focused. It also works incredibly well for people who have a tendency to become angry easily since it stops the rage from growing and replaces it with a halo of tranquility that is challenging to penetrate. 

Amethyst fosters profound transformation in our lives by fostering meditation, promoting sound sleep, cleansing the mind of clutter and assisting us in discovering our deeper life's paths. We are able to follow the map we have created for ourselves and pursue the things that will benefit us when we make room within for quiet courage. Amethyst enables you to access the inner strength required for decision-making. There are many problems in life, and these can occasionally cause people to get paralyzed and unsure of what to do. Amethyst softly reassures you that all is not lost and that they possess the inner vision, knowledge and wisdom needed to decide which route to follow. 

Amethyst can also assist in bringing folks who can get a little heated during discussions back down to a cool, collected frame of mind. It maintains a level mind and originates from a place of love, making it a fantastic stone for assisting with family and relationship relationships. 


Obsidian offers a softening darkness of rest and respite to chill in. It is dark and dreamy and constantly welcomes you into the stillness of the pitch-black. One of the main grounding stones, obsidian is all about offering a cloak of safety, which is crucial for those who like to go in headfirst without considering their landing spot. Bringing equilibrium is the central theme of obsidian. This stone is also excellent for severing relationships and getting rid of bad connections.


The universe manifesting as Yin-Yang symbolizes the transformation of chaotic Wuji energy into order, or Tai Ji—the great polarity. Therefore, the big bang or creation idea is symbolized by the yin-yang symbol. It starts out empty and grows into everything. 

The curved line of the symbol represents the interconnectedness of yin-yang. A white and black dot has been added to the more contemporary yin-yang symbol to represent the possibility of inner transformation. 
Yin-yang symbolizes a dynamic equilibrium of chi, or opposing yet complementary and interrelated forces. 

The yin side of the yin-yang symbolises grounded earth energy; it is receptive, cool, and dark, and it is associated with the moon, the oceans, and the shadows. It is linked to feminine energy and represents peace, gentleness, serenity, and quiet themes. 

The sun is symbolized by the yang side of the yin-yang duality; it is bright, expansive, and occasionally careless. It has themes of action, growth, expansion, heat, and movement as well as masculine energy. 
The potential for life is contained in the yin-yang when both are joined. 


  • Name: Yin And Yang Obsidian Orgone Pyramid
  • Genuine gemstones: Amethyst,Obsidian
  • Origin: India
  • Size: 1.97''*1.97''(5cm X 5cm) 
  • Gold metal shavings
  • Eco-friendly resin

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