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The Energy Protection Obsidian & Tiger Eye Orgone Pyramid

The Energy Protection Obsidian & Tiger Eye Orgone Pyramid

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Original Creative Design
Experience the powerful energy protection of the Olivenorma Energy Protection Obsidian & Tiger Eye Orgone Pyramid. This stunning pyramid combines the shielding properties of obsidian with the grounding energy of tiger eye. The orgone matrix amplifies positive vibrations while providing a shield against negativity. Embrace the protective power of this exquisite piece.

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Negative energy affects us constantly and we often don’t even realize it. Our beliefs shift slightly and the way we perceive the world changes, all because negative vibrations enter our body and distort the truth. With this orgone pyramid you can ensure that negative energy won’t subtly influence you or your spirit.

🤍Clear Crystal

"Master healer" status is accorded to the Clear Crystal. Constantly accompanied by an enthusiastic appreciation of life and infusing you with a sense of born-again vigor that is profoundly anchored in clear thinking, this soulful stone begins to work immediately on spring cleaning your aura and eliminating toxic tendencies.

 It amplifies your energy by absorbing, storing, releasing, and controlling it. Additionally, it is supposed to improve memory and focus.

While Clear Crystal is undoubtedly committed to guiding you in the right direction, it doesn't have to use force to correct you. It is a stone that recognizes that the quickest method to energise you is through clarity and head chakra healing

🤎Tiger’s Eye

Tiger's Eye is frequently regarded as a stone of fortune, willpower, and money since it improves observation and understanding in strange settings and shields against the bad intentions of others. Tiger's Eye enhances your senses, enabling you to focus on specifics and getting ready to take constructive action. Keep it nearby to serve as inspiration for achieving your most important life goals. It boosts your self-assurance and inspires you to believe in yourself and recognize your full potential as a stone for the solar plexus chakra.


Obsidian helps us pick the path that leads to light and love by illuminating the darkness and clearing it away. It is rightfully called the "stone of truth".  Obsidian is molten magic that was created from the primordial energy of the earth. This gem has strong shielding abilities that may guard against negative energy and even psychic attacks. It also instantly detects any negative energetic forces and makes sure that any negativity that is stuck is processed, experienced, and then fully removed from your environment.


The Horus Eye is symbolic of wholeness, protection, and healing. The magical symbol known as the wedjat eye, which means "whole" or "healthy," is thought to offer protection, health and rebirth. The Eye of Horus was widely utilized by ancient Egyptians, both the living and the dead, as amulets to ward off evil and maintain extraordinary health levels because of its strong protective properties. This ancient Eye protects you by serving as your personal guardian; it maintains your energy levels, keeping you strong and upbeat; and totally transforms your environment into a safe refuge. It also helps you start your day on the right foot.


This particular pyramid contains clear crystal, obsidian, and tiger eye for the manifestation of positive energy. The Eye of Horus, with its protective abilities is the bow on this pyramid that ties it all together.

The pyramid, with its strong base and balanced equilateral sides that meet together in an apex, occupies the space between remaining wonderfully grounded and using your natural forces to connect with higher energies. This sacred form is also thought to function as a filter, sucking out bad energy and removing obstructions. 

Your goals and intentions can be anchored in orgonite pyramids, and the apex of the structure can then send them out into the universe, assisting you in making your wishes come true. 


  • Name: The Energy Protection Obsidian & Tiger Eye Orgone Pyramid
  • Genuine gemstones: Obsidian & Tiger Eye & Clear Crystal
  • Origin: India
  • Size: 1.97''*1.97''(5cm X 5cm) 
  • Gold metal shavings
  • Eco-friendly resin


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