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Positive Lotus Amethyst Sphere Orgone Pyramid

Positive Lotus Amethyst Sphere Orgone Pyramid

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Original Creative Design

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The lotus is a metaphor for life's greatest lessons since it travels through mud and murky water before breaking the surface and blossoming whole and lovely in the sunlight. This serves as a reminder that life always finds a way, no matter how difficult our road may be. The lotus represents chastity, fortitude, and the ability to triumph.

The lotus flower is a resilient flower that persists and navigates on its own despite chaos and mud. It looks for the sun, it wants to overcome obstacles and it looks for light—or perhaps we might say enlightenment. The lotus reminds us to stay on course, much like those of us who wish to develop and advance toward our own spiritual light without being derailed by diversions.


Feeling down in the dumps a little too often? Even your favorite food and movie won’t cheer you up? This is where crystal energy healing can help. The Spiritual Expansion Orgone Pyramid reminds you to be grateful for the small things and encourages an optimistic attitude all day, every day.


Amethyst is the bringer of light and one of the top stress relievers in the world. Amethyst is always prepared to sweep away the clouds, give you a sense of clarity, assist in maintaining mental focus and allow your creative energy to flow freely. It also helps when you experience a flurry of opposing emotions, such as a burst of rage, a wave of grief, or any other hordes of overwhelm. You can take this rock out and meditate while sitting with it till the soothing vibrations of the amethyst run straight through you.

As the stone of the crown chakra, amethyst is a wonderful companion for individuals seeking to rise above and discover their greater purpose. Just knowing that amethyst is nearby may quickly settle frayed nerves and give you a sense of peace and direction.

💙Lapis Lazuli

The use of lapis lazuli is an act of great intellect because the sparkling, delicate blue stones are also known to pique your interest in learning at a deeper level, grasping concepts better, and improving your memory. 

Lapis Lazuli is a truth-giver; it inspires you to tell your truth, to love, and to connect with others in a way that goes deep, all the while being calm. It promotes self-expression and acting in accordance with your true authentic self.


This particular Amethyst pyramid, is noteworthy and significant since it is perched on a lotus, which is a symbol of light. This lovely bloom represents unwavering compassion, complex comprehension, and a willingness to learn from everything this world has to teach. The decision to cover the lotus in gold also evokes feelings of holiness, insight, and oneness with everything that is. It's a priceless metal of spiritual grace that supports emotional restraint so you may remain focused and in the present at this most ideal time.

When placed in the home, the lotus amethyst sphere with lapis lazuli is stunning and immediately welcomes intention. It also creates a space of purpose. This symbol of brilliant crystal energy can reach into your past, balance present and keep you ready for the future, just like the ancient mystics believed.


  • Genuine gemstones: Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli
  • Origin: India
  • Size: 1.97''*1.97''(5cm X 5cm) / 3.14''*3.14(8cm X 8cm) 
  • Gold metal shavings
  • Eco-friendly resin

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