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Rest Easy with a Buckwheat Pillow: Sleep Soundly and Wake up Refreshed!

Do you wake up feeling sore or crunched? Are you bothered by neck pain from work? Or do you feel your head hot on summer nights? If you're trying to find a more comfortable pillow, check out our buckwheat pillow, which we'll explain further.
  1. What is a buckwheat pillow?
  2. What are the benefits of using a buckwheat pillow?
  3. How do we clean our buckwheat pillows?
  4. How often do we replace buckwheat in pillow?
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What is a Buckwheat Pillow?

Buckwheat pillow is a variety of functional pillow filled with a natural crop called buckwheat hulls. The Japanese created it around the 15th century. In order not to waste buckwheat hulls, they filled soft pillowcases with buckwheat hulls, and they call it"sobakawa pillow". Japanese believe that buckwheat pillow can help people achieve Zukan-Sokunestu, means "cool head, hot feet". Traditional Chinese medicine believes that blood circulation is better when the feet are warmer than the head, and to promote blood circulation, they are keen to use buckwheat pillows. As a natural plant, buckwheat conforms to the concept of global environmental protection, so it is more and more popular among people.

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What are the Benefits of Using a Buckwheat Pillow?

Natural, Improves Sleep Quality

For centuries, buckwheat pillows have gained popularity across Asia as a proven method to achieve improved and restful sleep. These pillows are filled with countless small and natural buckwheat hulls, offering head and neck support akin to a bean bag.

Breathable for Cool Sleep

Traditional pillows have a lot of padding that makes your head warm up, especially on hot summer. We needs to be in a lower temperature environment to sleep comfortably. The special structure of buckwheat hull filling allows air to flow freely in the pillow, preventing heat build-up. Stay cool even if you sleep on the same side all night.


Colorful Flower Buckwheat Pillow Cotton Pillowcase


Ergonomic Structure

Keeping the neck, spine and body at the same level is the most ideal sleeping position, but traditional pillows generally cannot do it. Buckwheat pillows are fine, as it can be achieved by adjusting the amount of buckwheat. Adjust the thickness of the pillow by adding or removing buckwheat hulls as you go. The pillow ships fully stuffed, so you'll have enough buckwheat hulls to turn your pillow just the way you like it. By adjusting the shape and thickness of the pillow, you can create the perfect support for your neck and head,which takes pressure off your spine.

Cherry Blossoms Buckwheat Pillow

Reducing Snoring

When our head, neck, and spine are properly aligned, buckwheat pillows can help keep the airways open, widening the airways and reducing snoring.

Preventing Allergies

Buckwheat hulls are naturally hypoallergenic and their structure does not allow room for dust mites and other allergens to cling, means that our buckwheat pillows are free of dust mites or allergens.

Long Lasting

The buckwheat Hulls of the buckwheat pillow does not allow washing, so there is no shrinkage, and if cared for properly, it can be used for up to 5 years.


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How do We Clean Our Buckwheat Pillow?

Step 1: Pour the buckwheat hulls from the sealed separate package into a clean bag or basket
Step 2: Turn the bag over to make sure all the buckwheat hulls are out
Step 3: Leave the buckwheat hulls to ventilate for a few hours or overnight, and wash the pillowcase and bag at the same time.
Step 4: After making sure the pillowcase and bag are dry, put the shell back into the bag for use

Notice: Expose to the sun for at least 4-6 hours every month in spring and autumn, and 8-12 hours per month in summer and autumn to keep the buckwheat hulls dry.

Leaf Buckwheat Pillow

How Often do We Replace Buckwheat in Pillow?

The traditional saying is 10 years or more, but it is also affected by the humidity of the surrounding environment. You need to replace the buckwheat hull when:

  • The pillow is deformed
  • pillow is no longer soft
  • When sleeping on a buckwheat pillow feels hotter than before
  • When the hull volume reduces over the years
  • when you feel your pillow flatten


Sleep puzzles are common, but we can choose a pillow that suits us to improve sleep quality. As we mentioned above, the advantages of buckwheat pillows are suitable for almost all sleeping positions and people with spine and muscle pain. At the same time, choosing natural buckwheat hulls as filling materials is in line with our eco-friendly and sustainable philosophy.

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