DE Velvet & Thermal Insulation Fabric - Antibacterial, Deodorant, Skin-friendly, Warm

DE Velvet & Thermal Insulation Fabric - Antibacterial, Deodorant, Skin-friendly, Warm

As the weather gets colder and colder, maybe you're looking for a warm quilt?

If so, we are glad you saw this page because you've found the right place and we've brought you an amazing fabric-DE Velvet (which contants thermal fiber) with a quilt that does many things:

  • Breathable
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Deodorant
  • Skin-friendly
  • Moisturizing
  • Thermostatic
  • Highly warm

First of all, please allow me to introduce to you what is thermal fiber.

Thermal fiber is a kind of nano multifunctional yarn made of a variety of nano scale natural temperature regulating, super-absorbent polymer, anti-UV, nano metal antibacterial particles and special heating materials added to polymer polyester, nylon or viscose fiber, which is an excellent body surface temperature regulating fiber.

What are the properties of thermal fiber?

  1. Thermal replectance- thermal fiber contains nano special powder, has better thermal replectance than the general far infrared fiber, can quickly adjust the body current, make the muscle relax, let the user fatigue fast recovery, mental comfort.
  2. Breathable - thermal fiber is very fine, feel very soft, can quickly guide the sweat away, with a high-speed moisture effect, so that the user's skin in a dry state at any time; Even in winter, the human body will not have a cold feeling, not easy to catch cold.
  3. The thermal fiber contains bacteriostatic particles, which can achieve the purpose of bacteriostatic and deodorizing more effectively than similar yarn by using special technology.


What are the function of Thermal fiber?

  1. Heat Storage-It uses the skin surface of the human body to generate heat to obtain energy, and then stores the energy. When the body temperature drops, it is released back to the human body to achieve heat storage and heating effect.
  2. Heat Preservation-The fiber has better thermal reflectance than ordinary far infrared products, which can keep the skin warm
  3. Breathable-Using fiber SIphon effect and special spinning technology, through the principle of siphon, diffusion and conduction, the excess moisture can be quickly absorbed and dispersed to keep the skin dry and cool.
  4. Soft and Skin-friendly-The thermal fiber is extremely fine, making the fiber similar to the softness and comfort of natural fibers.
  5. Antibacterial-The thermal fiber contains bacteriostatic particles, which can effectively inhibit bacteria and deodorize.
  6. UV Resistance-Thermal fibers contain UV-blocking particles that provide excellent anti-UV effect under the sun.


After reading the above, do you have a certain understanding of the thermal fiber?

Quilts made of thermal fibers are especially suitable for bed sheets, travel blankets, sofa blankets, and nap blankets to allow you to sleep comfortably.

We have prepared four quilts in thermal fiber fabrics-DE Velvet for you, so go ahead and pick one you like and take it home to feel the wonders of this kind of fabric!



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