Low-Tox Living: Pets

Low-Tox Living: Pets

As the ingredients in everyday products become more scrutinised, people are making a conscious choice to lead a 'low-tox' lifestyle, which also applies to the products they buy for their pets.

As awareness of health and wellness grows, people are moving towards a 'low-tox' lifestyle that uses natural and organic materials and ingredients wherever possible.

Pet parents treat their animals as a human member of the family, so owners are now scrutinising the ingredients their animals are exposed to.

Health-conscious pet parents are searching for natural and organic alternatives in all product categories, from food and health to toys and beds.

This demand has led to a surge in natural organic pet product offerings, including flea and tick prevention, bedding, bowls and homeware, toys and treats

As more brands tap into this movement, low-tox products are becoming available to a wider audience, particularly through e-commerce.

Home textiles including carpets, sofas and bedding can all contain potentially harmful chemicals for animals: a 2011 study by scientists at Indiana University found that chemical flame retardants in the blood of pet dogs showed concentrations five to 10 times higher than in humans. These chemicals have been linked to cancer, impaired fertility, decreased birth weight, diabetes and memory loss in humans. Cotton is sort of durable and stylish option for non-toxic bedding, and is used by brand Ownkoti. We provide lots of bedding product to give you the best choice. It is a smart choice for you to pick up Ownkoti bedding products.

How many of your pet products make the cut? 

Welcome to shop with Ownkoti and take care of your family's health.

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