Understanding Different Types of Towel

Understanding Different Types of Towel


Towels are an important part of our lives. We use them for drying ourselves after a bath or shower, to dry dishes and clean up messes, and sometimes as blankets! They're also useful for many other things like cleaning up spills, drying wet pets and children, or even keeping us warm in cold weather (like when you go camping). Towels come in all shapes and sizes – everything from hand towels to beach towels to bath sheets. While there are many different types of towels out there today, not all of them are made equal. Some are simply better quality than others because they're made from higher-quality materials that hold up better over time. So what makes one towel stand out above the rest?

Flat weave towels

Flat weave towels are lightweight, absorb water quickly and dry quickly. They're made from cotton or polyester and the weave is very thin. Flatweave towels are best for drying yourself off after a bath or shower because they're soft to the touch and will not irritate your skin like terry cloth can do if it's not 100% cotton.

Turkish towel

Turkish towels are made from cotton and are very absorbent. They're also made from a single piece of fabric, which means they don't have any seams or stitching to get in the way of your bathing experience. This makes them great for use at the beach, pool or spa!

Pressed and looped towels

A pressed and looped towel is exactly what it sounds like: a towel that has been pressed and looped. The pressing process compacts the fibers in the fabric, making them denser and more absorbent. The looping adds extra thickness to the edges of your towel, which makes them more durable when used for scrubbing or cleaning up spills.
Pressed and looped towels come in many sizes: from small hand towels (8" x 12") to large bath sheets (26" x 52"). They're also available in different materials like cotton, linen, microfiber or bamboo; some are machine washable while others require hand washing before use.*

Terry cloth

Terry cloth is a looped fabric that's absorbent and soft. It can be made from cotton or a synthetic fiber, and it's used for bath towels, hand towels and washcloths.
Terry cloth was created by Charles L. Terry in 1829 when he patented his loom design for creating terry cloth waffle weave fabrics during the Industrial Revolution in America.

Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian cotton is a premium cotton that's grown in Egypt. It's one of the most expensive cottons in the world, and it has a reputation for being very soft and absorbent. Egyptian cotton towels are lightweight and durable, making them an ideal choice for bath towels and bedding.


Microfiber towels are made from polyester, a synthetic material that's great for many things--including drying off after swimming. Because microfibers are so thin and lightweight, they can dry you off quickly without using much energy or space in your backpack. They also absorb water more quickly than other fabrics do (such as cotton), which makes them ideal for activities like camping or hiking where weight is an issue.
Microfiber towels have some downsides: they're not very soft against your skin; they tend to be less absorbent than other types of towels; and they have a tendency to shed lint on clothes if stored improperly (which would be bad news if you're planning on wearing anything nice while camping). Still, these aren't dealbreakers by any means--especially considering how affordable these products tend to be!


There's no need to be a towel connoisseur, but understanding which type suits your requirements is essential. The market offers a wide variety of options, including flat weave, Turkish, and microfiber towels. If you're seeking something more specialized, like Egyptian Cotton, don't miss our guide on selecting the ideal towel for your home.
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